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Dec 1, 2012 9:30pm EST
control of their stories, to tell their stories "barack obama: the stories" of their lives at literature and those women, the groups of women got together and edited this that cover the three sections in. the haiti i know, the haiti i want to know, and the haiti of the future, and different women talk about theiri experiences. both in haiti. it's an tholings in english,. french, and creole. it's cross generational. we talk about the people that were there and survived it.abouh talk about the friends and neighbor, they mourn, they celebrate, but there's a lot of opportunity for people 0 don't know much about haiti to get to haiti through a variety ofkaie women >> is creole very difficult from french? >> creole, it's a language of ic it's own.ol and it's sort of, i think it as a place where all these different groups that came to a haiti were there. the people who came from africa as slaves, the french, the spanish, english. all of the people came through haiti and so creole is apele beautiful language. c it's full of problem verbs and so we but it's -- [inaudible] ev
Dec 1, 2012 8:15pm EST
is the uncool thing important to win an election? the reason people like barack obama is because he is cool. he is a community activist, an organizer. how did that happen? because it's cool. the culture embraces fake coolness over real achievement. kids would rather play faster not been actually be one or being an actor than actually doing something but i will say this. there is a really big bright spot in president obama being reelected. if he had lost he would be back for another four years and he would be 45% more gray which makes him more -- [inaudible] so we are uncool. that is the way the are. that is how we are. i don't believe that. i look at our message. what is our message? we like to build things. making things as cool. nothing wrong with that. we like be like to own stuff. competition is awesome. the liberal view is self-esteem is better. is better to build self-esteem without competition. that doesn't work. the highest incidence of self-esteem can be found in prison. i think i made that up. it's one of those things that you read and he repeated over and over again but i
Dec 1, 2012 5:30pm EST
national security post the second half of the bush administration particularly the obama years and whether we are getting any stronger or whether we are in a more precarious position than we have been before. >> host: mary in chris christie, texas, you are on booktv with david rothkopf. >> caller: i find this conversation very interesting. i was wondering if you could comment on the reckoning that is to come a little bit. >> guest: one dimension of the reckoning that lies ahead is the competition between capitalism. right now in the united states coming out of a period where we have in the ascending power, we have been the ones who have sort of set the standard for all markets and governments should work together but clearly the asian economies are thriving and growing faster and their version of capitalism which is a much bigger role for government, which has government playing more of a straw role in picking winners and losers, determining who gets educator and how they get educated, those forms of capitalism seem to be gaining the upper hand in the global debate and we have to r
Dec 1, 2012 8:00am EST
than we had in 1917. i was grouchy when obama said something just as stupid. john quincy adams was this fabulously learned man who had stayed with history. the reason for the monroe doctrine -- in south america the various countries were beginning to rebel against the spanish king, and the french king was a cousin of the spanish king and the french were going to send military aid to put out these barbarians of english and they send their military to keep the french from going into south america. and they invited the americans to join them in keeping the french out of south america because obviously south america was rich with gold and silver, and john quincy adams was the secretary of state and said absolutely not. we are not going to get involved in a foreign war. we are not going to let them come over here either. and that was the seed planted for the shooting of the monroe doctrine. monroe doctrine wasn't a separate doctrine. was a part of lonrho's message and he asked his cabinet for help in putting together some sort of statement making our international policy clear. and john
Dec 1, 2012 12:30pm EST
so between romney and obama and where is china all of this? >> so there are several different pieces. one of them going back to the economy, we used to have much higher practices than we do now. how were we able to have full employment on that? we did not have the system of the budget deficits what makes it so much harder and just to sort of duty had enough, it is the persistence of trade deficit least not have one and now we do and that is a big drag on the economy. which hasn't been better actually the trade deficit is actually significantly down but not all. we have had some that have become more competitive that is the front on which we need to work. the political debate hasn't kept up with the reality it's no longer the quarter of that anymore. it's the broadest of countries some that need to be worked on and the next president isn't just china bashing but what do we need to do have a world that is everybody trying to run a trade surplus which the government believes it is possible. [laughter] >> then there is this issue of trade and income inequality. and there's a simil
Dec 1, 2012 4:15pm EST
united case, and -- from president obama making a misstatement about the scope of the law. and you see over time the court struggling with their role, their public role at certain political events, like the state of the union, and the last ten or 15 years the court's presence at the state of the union has decreased. the justices saying, i don't want to be a potted plant at a political pep rally, et cetera. there's other ways to see what the public thinks of the court or the court is more aware of what it does and doesn't want to do with ac alkebulan -- activities of the court. >> do you want to comment? >> i would say what interests me more is not how politicized the course it but whether it reflects the views of the american people, and i i don't know the answer to that but i think that's a very interesting question. in the past i think the court has always by and large done that. >> just briefly. one other measure buying the plate -- might be the political activity of supreme court spouses. >> do you have anyone in mind? >> is jenny thomas and her political activism sort of an outlia
Dec 1, 2012 11:00am EST
obama's weakest moment was when the young woman stood up and asked him about equal pay for women. he rightfully talked-about passing though lily ledbetter pay act, then abandoned that line of thinking and talked about the economy. the same moment thereafter, mitt romney had the binders of women came up. what got me about that moment was the democrats and the president could point to this one act, this one piece of legislation, he didn't talk about more than that because there isn't that much more. it is easy to say republicans, women, not such an easy stew, but overall it is something and plain and simple and measurable as pay, no one in the political spectrum across-the-board has done much to -- besides you. [applause] >> let me just say there is pending legislation which republicans have blocked in the house, that is the third paycheck act. he could have brought that up. you need that second half to make easier, more practical to demand fare paying in the courts that going back to the binders which is the favorite topic, when i was governor, i got a lot of women applicants for jobs
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7